Healthcare Software, India
Healthcare development @ B.A.T. Solutions
Bio-Analytical Technologies® (B.A.T.) has strong and interminable presence in “Health Information Technology”. The vast knowledge of Healthcare and Medical technology domain and high software expertise helps B.A.T. around the clock to administer the need of its customers. We work intensely towards enriching the processes followed by Healthcare Professionals, General Practitioners (GP), Nursing Homes, Pathology Labs, Polyclinics, Diagnostic Centers, Specialist/ Consultants like General Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Obstetrician/ Gynecologist (OB/GYN), etc.
With an immense approach of providing continuous and effective solutions in Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR), B.A.T. has successfully launched few products like Practice Management Software, Pathology Laboratory Management System, EMR Solution for School based HealthCare Providers and Patient Care-Follow-up System covering Pre and post patient monitoring application for nursing homes and hospitals.
Healthcare Software Products
B.A.T. strongly encourages the use of information technology in Healthcare to improve patient care and to enhance Doctors efficiency to work with devices such as hand-held computers that record notes on each patient.
B.A.T. has developed many customized software which alleviates the process of maintaining medical records of the patients. The old processes of physical file maintenance, handwritten paper medical records which consume lot of time and money can be replace to a larger extent with the healthcare software developed by us.
CareSys®, Comprehensive Patient Care-Follow-up Software®
Patient Care-Follow-up Software CareSys is a powerful web based technique that plays significant role in Patient care, Patient monitoring and Patient follow-up. CareSys maintains pre-operations, post-operation, follow-up and pathology medical records of the patients. This helps doctors to analyze and track patients’ progress pre and post operation.
CareSys ensures doctors to avail complete patients information at right time and right place. It is highly flexible and can be customized as per the requirements of the user. CareSys totally eliminates the chances of hospitals or patients’ missing
on the treatment schedules. The regular reminders or follow-up from the hospital for the scheduled health check-ups add a trust in the patients for the Hospital. This significantly works towards improving the overall all efficiency of the Hospital and building a strong Patient-Hospital relationship.
Data Covered
  • Pre-op medical data- The prerequisites data captured before any surgery
  • Procedure medical data- The data captured for particular surgery process
  • Post-op data- The data captured post surgery depending on type of surgery
  • Pathology medical data- The data captured of lab test details required by doctors for surgery
The User Groups
Access defined User wise, group wise menu access and function access.
1. Front Desk / User
  • It has complete access to Patients demographic module
2. Doctor’s Medical Physician Data / Admin
  • It has complete access to Patients demographic module
3. Follow-up Staff / Admin
  • It has Automatic Survey Generator
  • Staff can pick patients from the list, or select from predefined queries and then send the questionnaire automatically via email or can be posted on the postal address
  • Staff can use Dynamic Questionnaires or design his own questions and answers, or create objective type of questionnaires and then send the questionnaire automatically via email or can be posted on the postal address
4. Management Admin
  • Full rights to create, edit and delete a Department User Console
  • Authority to alter the rights of users from other departments
  • Export the data to Excel Sheet
  • Access to comprehensive Report Module- Complication Report, PSA Reports, Potency Reports, Positive Margin, No. of Surgeries, etc.
Enhanced Security
Secure web-based software that allows authenticated users to join and share real-time patient information.
  • Https
  • Data in encrypted format
  • Audit trail
  • HIPAA Compliant
Thorough Follow-up Process
  • Customized follow-up- User can define and design questionnaire for patient feedback depending upon the type of surgery.
  • Follow-up questionnaire- Follow-up of patients through email, postal mail and telephone. Follow-up period can be defined by the user e.g., weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.
  • Postal mail- Provision for printing forms and labels for the follow-ups.
  • Follow-up reminder provision- Customized follow-up reminder incase there is no response initially from the patients.
  • Telephone reminder- Telephonic follow-up reminder facility incase hospital fails to get response for the email and postal mail from a patient.
  • Export to Excel- Ability to export pre-op, post-op follow-up and patient demographics details in customized formats to an Excel worksheet.
  • Flexible, User friendly, Cost-effective patient care-follow-up software
  • Web based application
  • Real-time access for multiple patients simultaneously
  • Browser based application so no installation processes at end user place
  • Complete patients records available anywhere, anytime
  • Helps doctors to analyze the patients’ health status pre and post treatment
  • All data and reports generated can be used for research purpose
  • Customizable and configurable software
  • User’s defined queries to get the required results
  • Export to Ms Excel functionality